Who will I be working with on my project?

Our team is lean, efficient, and focused when it comes to helping you build your brand. Each person on our team has a specific niche in the brand-building process to make sure your brand is done right. When you work with us on a project, you’ll get to work with some great people. Today we want to introduce you to the people you’ll work with the most.

There are two people you’ll interact with regardless of your project: Kirstie and Collin. Kirstie is our Office Manager, and she helps all of us stay organized by managing schedules, phone calls, and client information. She’ll talk through payment details with you and make sure you’re always satisfied with our work. Whenever you have a question but you’re not sure who to ask, Kirstie can point you in the right direction.

Collin is our Business Development Manager, and he’ll work with you to create a game plan for your project. Do you need a logo, a website, SEO help, or all of the above? Collin will make sure you get exactly what you need within your budget. He’s also available throughout your project if you have any questions at all.

If you’re working with us on a logo or website design, you’ll get to know Ryan, one of our Graphic Designers. You’ll meet him during your design consultation at the beginning of your project, so he can get to know you, your business, and your design needs.

For print projects like flyers, postcards, banners, or business cards, you might meet Amanda, our other Graphic Designer. She’ll consult with you to learn the ins and outs of your brand before she starts working on your design.

Lastly, if your project involves digital marketing or copywriting, you’ll get to know Olivia, our Marketing Manager. She’ll work with you to boost your web presence with search engine optimization (SEO), social media, a blog, website content, and more.

We have a few other team members you may not work with directly, but they’re awesome too. If you’re ready to work with our team, give us a call at 844.234.3267, or email us today!

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