If you’re a small business owner in Boerne, TX, or you’re thinking of becoming one, it’s important to establish a brand that your community can recognize and remember. We’ve had the privilege of working with quite a few businesses in Boerne, and we want to share a few branding tips for other local business owners.

Get to Know the Boerne Community

Unlike a lot of large businesses, local businesses typically have target markets that are smaller and easier to define. Understand your target market by getting to know the people in Boerne, what they like, what they value and what their needs are. While it’s impossible to accurately describe the population of a whole city with a few adjectives, you can look for common themes within the people your business interacts with.

One way to keep track of your target market is by building profiles, or personas, that represent potential customers. You can make these profiles as simple or detailed as you want, but be sure to do your research to make sure they’re accurate. Interviewing a few local individuals is a great way to get honest insights.

Here’s an example of a basic persona that a daycare might build, focusing on a specific demographic.

Name: Holly Johnson
Personal Details: age 38, married with 2 children in daycare, teaches at Boerne ISD and her husband works at USAA
Childcare Values: values convenience, safety and a quality environment where her kids can learn and grow socially
Technology: likes to keep up with friends and family on Facebook and is comfortable with the Internet in general

This persona represents a demographic of potential customers, and learning from it helps local businesses build relevant brands. From here, the daycare team might decide to write content that shares about their convenient drop off and pick up times, or custom daycare curriculum; or they may choose to invest more in their Facebook presence.

Using these profiles to guide your decisions helps you create a brand that attracts that right people.

Be Active in Your Community

Make the effort to be a familiar face around town. Get to know people, and support other small businesses. The more familiar your brand is, the more likely people will remember you. Plus, getting involved will help you understand the people in your target market even more.

Here are a few ways you can be active in your community:

Establish Your Online Presence

It’s no secret that practically everyone is on the Internet. First and foremost, your business should have a well-designed, user-friendly website. Once you have that, help people discover your brand by setting up the following online profiles:

After you’ve set those up, encourage people to leave reviews of their experiences, primarily on Google, Facebook and Yelp. Not sure how to get reviews? Check out our best tips on how to get more online reviews.

We love helping Boerne businesses build their brands through logo design, web design, print design and digital marketing. If you’re looking to build your brand, just email us or give us a call at (210) 810-4090!


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