Boerne, TX is filled with family-owned businesses. From the Hill Country Mile to Leon Springs, there are all kinds of local shops and stores. We’ve had the pleasure of working with quite a few Boerne business owners, so we wanted to share some of our best business card ideas and designs with other businesses in the area (that’s you!).

Highlight Boerne

With so many visitors passing through, a visual reminder of Boerne’s location will make your business cards unique. Show people where Boerne is by including a mini map or outline of Texas with a star highlighting Boerne.

Share Your Roots

Does your business have any historical facts? Was it one of the first local stores to open? Has it been handed down 3 generations? Use your business cards to highlight a memorable fact or two about your business or family history.

Stay Small

Boerne’s small-town community is one of the things that makes it so great. Create a warm, less formal feel on your business cards by using a creamy background instead of a stark white. Subtle touches like rounded corners and smooth cardstock can help business cards feel more personal or inviting.

Showcase Your Brand

Make sure your business cards match your overall brand. Using your brand fonts, colors and logo provides a consistent experience for people who interact with your brand, whether they are viewing your business card or browsing your website. Furthermore, minding the details of your business’ brand conveys an element of professionalism to anyone passing through.

Here are a few business cards we’ve designed for businesses in Boerne.

Are you a Boerne business owner looking for fresh business cards? We’d love to work with you and design business cards that represent your brand exactly how you want. Give us a call at 210.810.4090 or email us today!