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“Tim and I had been trying to find someone to re-do our website and logo for a very long time… the Daor Design team was worth the wait! We were amazed by how quickly they came up with two compelling logo options based on discussions we had with them about our company’s guiding principles and what differentiates us from our peers.”

Stacey, Co-Founder, Runde & Partners

“From start to finish, Daor Design did an amazing job redesigning my law firm’s logo and website.  I could not possibly be happier with the new site’s aesthetics.  Moreover, throughout the content editing process, they were prompt and thorough in implementing the changes that I requested.  Thanks to all of the time and hard work that Daor Design put into developing my firm’s new website, visitors who are interested in retaining my services are more likely to have a very positive first impression of my firm!  Thanks, Daor!”

Chuck, Founder, Hollis Law Firm

“Working with Daor Design has taken a huge weight off of my shoulders! Marketing and branding is a key component of business planning but one that had also been very ambiguous to me. Daor Design has done a great job of developing a clear strategy and providing regular updates with real results. The Daor team is organized, professional, and effective. If you are looking for help with branding or marketing, I highly recommend
Daor Design!”

Teresa, Owner, Ridgewood Home Construction

“We chose Daor Design to update our brand and re-build our website. What an excellent choice we made. With my technology challenged brain Daor saved the day. They listened to our vision and helped us transform it into the beautiful website/logo we have today. They were prompt when we asked for changes or additions and they did it with an incredible amount of patience. I am pleased to add my name to the list of those that have enjoyed the professionalism, creativity and again, much needed patience of Daor Design.”

Cheryl, Director, Planet Kids Learning Center

“We have worked with Daor Design on multiple fronts. They helped us create a logo and a website, helped setup email marketing campaigns, and also helped with our social media presence, footprint and SEO. Personally I’m a huge seeker of where quality and value intersect, and I feel they come together incredibly well with Daor.”

Mike, Partner, Jessica Bettencourt

“Daor Design did a phenomenal job creating our website. We started the process right before COVID hit. Even though there was so much uncertainty with some of our core customers closing, Daor Design was very patient and understanding. My husband and I were clueless about website design but we knew what we wanted. I felt truly valued throughout this entire process. They kept us informed and on track every step of the way! They always have a special place in my heart for all their hard work and dedication to my business.”

Maggie, Owner, Legend Refrigeration

“The Daor team is great! They were patient and worked with me to create a new logo, website and complete branding package that turned out to be spot on with what I envisioned and represents my company perfectly.”

David, Owner, Inside Out SF

“I feel very fortunate that we have fostered a relationship with Daor Design since their beginning. One thing has remained consistent in all those years – their commitment to the success of our business. They are always a click away and their response time is efficient, never leaving me wondering what my next step should be. They listen, they direct and they advise. Looking for a team that will be with you on the floor and not on the sidelines, there is one firm to connect with – Daor Design.”

Theresa, Owner, Ashley’s Pastry Shop