There are many facets to your small business brand. If you’re a typical small business, you might have a logo, a website, a few social media profiles, business cards, letterhead, team uniforms, office signage, some marketing materials – and the list goes on. A common mistake of small business owners is to hire a logo designer for their logo, then a web design company for their website, then a social media person for their social media, then a graphic designer for their marketing materials – you get the idea. (Or worse, you try to wear a few of the design hats yourself.) Before you know it, you’re trying to wrangle half a dozen people to put out a consistent brand image. While each person may be excellent in their given craft, they don’t see the big picture to understand how their work affects the other facets of your brand. Some symptoms of this fragmented approach include multi-party group emails that go nowhere, frustrating hurdles to make seemingly simple brand updates, and weak brand integrity from having too many cooks in the kitchen. With this setup, your brand never quite looks right and you begin to wonder if it is holding you back.

After a few years of witnessing this recurring problem for our logo design clients of all shapes and sizes (yes, we started as a logo design company!), we knew something needed to change. We would design a beautiful brand only to find the logo skewed on the website, or the fonts all wrong on the marketing materials, or the brand colors completely forgotten on social media. Our hearts would sink for our clients as we watched their brands slowly dissolve from a distance.

So we decided to fix the problem. We narrowed our client focus to serve small businesses but broadened our services to include comprehensive brand management. While going comprehensive means we can serve fewer clients, it also means we can better serve the ones we do take on. We’re good with that trade-off. Now you can have one company with a single point of contact manage everything from your logo to your SEO. Over the years, this model has allowed us to shorten turnaround times, be more cost-effective, and build stronger brands for our clients.