You’ve heard that first impressions are important, and your website is no exception. When someone visits your website, do they experience frustrating navigation, unclear call to actions, or broken links? Or does your website seem to read their train of thought, effortlessly guiding them to the exact information they’re looking for?

A high-quality, user-friendly website creates an enjoyable experience for people, even if they don’t realize it. We’re here to help your business engage people with a stunning website. The entire process, from consulting to launch, takes about 8-10 weeks.

Here’s what the process looks like.

Stage 1: Consulting (1 week)

  1. You reach out to us about designing your website.
  2. We initiate a call to find out exactly what you need.
  3. After evaluating the scope of your project, we provide you with a formal estimate. Once you accept that estimate and make the initial payment, we’ll kickstart your website!
  4. We set up a 15-30 minute phone call where you can talk directly with the project manager and designer about your target audience, branding, site maps and more. We work with you to map out the details we need to bring your website to life.

Stage 2: Designing your website (3 to 4 weeks)

  1. Landing Page: We design your landing page first, which allows us to hone in on the design style you want before we move too far in the project.
  2. Landing Page Revision: Your estimate includes one landing page revision. A revision could include changing colors, rearranging items, or adding something. We usually process revisions in 3 business days, and we can add additional revisions onto the scope at our hourly rate.
  3. Secondary Pages: Using what we learned in designing your landing page, we create the remaining pages of your site. You’ll see the site start to take shape, and we will present these designs to you in PDF form for review. (Just like the landing page, your estimate includes one revision for secondary pages. We can always add more revisions if needed.)
  4. Once you approve the secondary page revisions, we can take the site into development. We’ll issue you a second invoice, and we will begin website development as soon as we receive payment.

Stage 3: Developing your website (3 to 4 weeks)

  1. We bring your website to life on a private, development site. Buttons are clickable, pages are linked, and contact forms are fillable.
  2. Development Revision: After the development process is complete, we’ll do a final round of review and revisions. Here you will be able to review the entire site and let us know any final items that need tweaking, such as photo changes or wordsmithing.
  3. Launch: After the development site is fully approved and the final invoice is paid, we’ll move forward with launching your new website. We conduct one final test of the links and inner workings of your site before we take it live on your domain name of choice.

You can check out some of our past web designs to see some websites that we’ve created for other businesses. If your business is ready for a new website, call us at 844.234.3267 or email us to get started today!