Brand Audit Request Received

Thank you for requesting your brand audit! We truly believe that when churches like yours thrive, our families, communities, and world are better for it. After helping nearly 500 churches, non-profit organizations, and businesses build their brands, we’ve seen firsthand the power of a strong brand. This brand audit is the first step to help you strengthen your brand and your gospel impact. It is our pleasure to help you take this first step.

See What’s Covered

In Your 360° Brand Audit

In case you’re curious, here are the 8 vantage points from which we’re evaluating your brand as we conduct your brand audit.


Do you make it easy for people to find you? An effective church brand meets people where they are (on Google, Facebook, etc.) so they can easily find and engage with your church.


Do you have clearly defined “member journeys” that lead new visitors or underutilized members to become engaged Christians who are actively making a gospel impact?


Do you have mixed messaging that confuses would-be visitors and church members alike? If you’re like most churches, your messaging could use a tune-up with a clear brand script.


Do you have an outdated or stale logo that weakens your church brand, making it hard for people to rally behind it? A strong logo will build brand recognition and impact over time.


How strong is your brand? Consistency is king when it comes to building a strong brand. You want to keep your brand colors, fonts and design style consistent anywhere you use them.


Is your website so outdated that you are embarrassed to send people to it? Your website should create an intuitive, user-friendly experience for new visitors and seasoned members alike.


Is your brand aligned? Investing just a little time to align your online listings and social profiles to your brand will go a long way when it comes to building online credibility.


Are you visible to your church members and the broader community during the week? To expand your impact, you’ll want to be consistently present on social media and beyond.

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Next Steps

What to Expect

You will receive your Brand Audit Report within 5 business days. With your report, you will get an invitation for a FREE 30-minute consultation with me, the Co-Founder & Brand Strategist at Daor Design, to review our team’s findings with you. We look forward to helping you take this first step toward strengthening your brand, and expanding your gospel impact.

Sarah Harkleroad

Co-Founder & Brand Strategist