No. Your website is at the center of your online presence but is only part of it. If you have a small business, your online presence includes anywhere people can find you on the internet. Today, that may also include things like your Google My Business listing, Yelp listing, and Facebook page – to name a few.

If you’re like most small businesses, you want a broad online presence to help build your brand awareness. An effective online presence points people to your website where they can most easily engage with your business or contact you.

While Google My Business and other aspects of your online presence may rival your website in terms of effectiveness today, there is one key distinction to remember: the only piece of your online presence you actually own is your website. While Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, and others can be very effective tools to help grow your business, you are putting your business at risk if you rely exclusively on these platforms. Your business will be subject to shifting rules, regulations, and algorithm updates. When building your online presence, it is essential to keep your website (where you have the most control) front and center.