Graphic design services are usually priced by the project, by the hour, or as a subscription service. For project-based pricing, you usually know what your project will cost upfront, which is nice. Typically, there is a formal estimate and acceptance process before the project begins to avoid any surprises. For hourly pricing, your final cost will reflect the amount of time spent on the project. If you have a good relationship with your graphic designer, they should make sure the project comes in at a reasonable price for you. However, the risk of runaway project costs with unproven graphic designers may be enough reason to shy away from hourly graphic design services. You don’t want to be surprised by a big bill you aren’t prepared for. Finally, for graphic design subscription services, you usually pay a flat monthly rate for a certain amount of work or deliverables each month. If you’re serious about building your brand for the long haul, a quality subscription service can be a great way to diligently build your brand month after month.

At Daor Design, our small business clients typically start with project-based pricing for their logo design and website design projects. Then they transition to a monthly subscription service designed to help get their new brand in front of the right people with marketing and search engine optimization (SEO).