While there are many capable website design companies, the best ones have three things in common. They take time to understand your business, they mind the details, and they look out for your long-term best interests. 

A good website design company knows that creating a good-looking website is only the tip of the iceberg. Every detail of your website should be carefully planned to help grow your business. Your navigation menu, page layouts, messaging, photos, and calls to action each require intentional thought to ensure they align nicely with your business goals. Taking the time upfront to get to know you and your business is key to designing a website that truly works for you and your business so you see a good return on your investment.

Next, the best website design companies mind the details. They see around corners for you, they anticipate and prevent roadblocks, they proactively account for the details that novice web developers miss. A few of these often-forgotten details include copy editing, stock image licensing, brand alignment, user journeys, mobile optimization, contact form integrations, Google Analytics setup, and sitemap submission for SEO. The best website design companies anticipate these details for you, so you don’t have to worry about them.

Finally, the best website design companies truly care about your long-term best interests. They don’t cut corners on the invisible parts of your website development to pad their margins. Instead, they treat your website like their own. They design for flexibility so your website can easily evolve with your business because that’s what they would want. They make you aware of any ongoing costs to maintain your website (e.g., domain name renewals, website hosting, plugin costs, etc.) to avoid surprises. Instead of cutting corners and pushing annoying upsells, they are mindful of your long-term best interests.