A one-page website, single-page website, or landing page website, has all of your website content on one, long, scrolling page. One-page websites are a great place to start if a full website is not in your budget quite yet. This affordable website design fits almost any budget. 

The biggest drawback of a one-page website is limited search engine optimization (SEO) potential. Google likes to see a well-organized website hierarchy when ranking your website for search engine results. A one-page website appears “flat” to Google because all of your information is on one page instead of multiple pages neatly organized in a clear hierarchy. This limitation is the biggest reason why we recommend a one-page website as a great place to start, but not as your best long-term solution.

When designing a one-page website, it is best to view it as a great “stepping-stone” on the way to a full website when your budget allows. The best one-page websites are designed to easily expand into a full website when you’re ready to take that step. When doing a one-page website, just be sure to find a good website design company that will help you design with the end in mind to avoid any throw-away work when you transition to a full website down the road.