The website design process includes a business consultation, home page design, full website design, final review, and launch. We use the initial consultation to get to know you, your business, your industry, and your local market. Before starting your website design, it is essential to clearly understand who your website is for and how you want it to work for your business. Starting with a consultation helps ensure the website will align nicely with your goals as the business owner. From there, we design just the home page for your review. Once you’ve had an opportunity to share your feedback, we update the home page design as needed to ensure the website has the right look and feel for your business. Next, we design the rest of the website complete with written content, photos, and design styling to match your brand. Once you’ve had an opportunity to review your full website, we wrap up any design details or loose ends to make sure the website is launch-ready. After your final review and approval of the website, we launch it for the world to see.   For good measure, we observe a 48-hour watch window to make sure everything works just like it should. We also present you with an Owners Guide so you know how to log in and make basic updates to your website. The total website design process usually takes about 6 to 8 weeks from start to finish, but can go more quickly or slowly depending on your availability to provide timely feedback throughout the process.