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As a church, you’re no doubt looking for ways to expand your gospel impact. Maybe even have a great vision for how to do that, but you’re not sure how to get your church members engaged in bringing that vision to life. Can you relate? If so, it may be time to refresh or realign your brand to better communicate who you are, where you’re going, and how people can get involved.

If you’re wondering if your brand is holding your church back, remove the guesswork with a FREE 360° Brand Audit. To get started, tell us a little about you and your church so we can audit your brand effectively. Within 5 business days, you’ll receive a detailed report along with our recommendations to strengthen your brand and expand your impact. So we don’t leave you hanging, your brand audit comes with a FREE 30-minute consultation with Sarah, our Co-Founder & Brand Strategist, to review your results together.

We reserve the right to decline a brand audit request once slots are filled and/or if your church does not align with who we can best help.

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