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Logo Design FAQs

Answering Your Questions

What is a vector logo design?2023-10-31T11:49:51-05:00

A vector logo design is a scalable version of your logo that is usually created in Adobe Illustrator. Vector logo designs maintain clarity whether they are sized for something as small as a business card or as large as a billboard. Printers often request your vector graphics to ensure your logo looks nice and crisp on your print materials, no matter the size. To easily see if you have your vector logo files on hand, look for files that end with .AI or .EPS, which are usually vector files.

Unfortunately, most discount logo designers do not give you access to your vector files because they resell your same logo design over and over again to other customers. For that reason, they usually retain the rights to your logo vector files. However, a custom logo designer will almost always give you the vector files because they design your logo specifically for you.

What are the different types of logo designs?2023-10-31T11:46:17-05:00

Logo designs come in all shapes and sizes. However, most logo designs fall within three main categories: wordmark logos, badge logos, and icon logos. A wordmark logo is where the company name forms the entire logo design – think Coca-Cola. A badge logo is where the company name is integrated into the logo design – think The NFL. An icon logo design is where a graphic icon is paired with the business name or can be used independently – think Apple.

If you build enough brand recognition, you can get away with completely removing your name from your logo. Nike often uses just its iconic swoosh with no name to brand its products. Starbucks has removed its name completely from its badge logo and people still recognize a Starbucks just fine. However, we don’t recommend starting with a “no-name” logo. Even these companies had to build up years of hard-earned brand recognition before successfully separating their names from their logos.

What is a logo design?2020-11-17T18:47:29-06:00

Your logo is a graphic that visually represents your business. Most logo designs include the business name paired with a unique design element, graphic icon, and/or company tagline. Businesses often display logo designs on their websites, social media profiles, official business listings, office signs, company vehicles, team uniforms, product packaging, business cards, letterhead, flyers, presentations, etc. to help build their brand awareness. Over time, your logo design typically becomes the face of your business.

How many logo concepts do I need?2020-11-17T18:46:30-06:00

At the end of the day, you only need one logo. However, we recommend exploring two or three logo concepts before locking in your final logo design. This approach helps ensure a thorough creative process to arrive at the best logo design for your business. You may even choose to pair your favorite design elements from different concepts to arrive at the perfect logo design for your business.

What are logo design concepts?2020-11-17T18:45:57-06:00

Logo design concepts are like logo “options.” We usually recommend two or three logo design concepts so you have options to choose from.

Why do I need a logo design?2020-11-17T18:41:42-06:00

The old adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words” fits perfectly here. Your logo is the quickest way to communicate your business name and/or what you do. Generally, people remember the visual of your logo more readily than the sound of your name or a written description of your services. A quality logo design can make your business more memorable and is one of the first steps to building a strong brand.

What is a custom logo design?2020-11-17T18:40:58-06:00

A custom logo design usually starts with a sketch and is designed specifically for your business. Investing in a custom logo design for your business helps ensure your brand is unique and memorable. In contrast, off-the-shelf logo designs pair pre-made design elements with your business name. These logos are less tailored to your business and are often used by several businesses, which dilutes their brand impact. A custom logo design helps make sure your logo is unique to your business and that no one else can use it.

What is the difference between my brand and my logo?2020-11-17T18:40:19-06:00

Your brand is your business’ identity. Customer experience, company culture, and communication all help shape your brand. Your logo design is a crucial piece of your visual communication and serves as the cornerstone of your brand identity. It is the quickest way to visually communicate that something is associated with your business.

When should I do my logo design?2020-11-17T18:38:48-06:00

While you can get a logo at any stage of your business, it is the most cost-effective to do your logo right after you finalize your business name and before you do anything else. If you do your logo before you finalize and register your business name with your Secretary of State, you run the risk of a name conflict (aka: someone else already has your business name), in which case you will have to find a new business name and redesign your logo accordingly. If you design your logo after you do your website, print materials, signage, etc. you’ll have to update everything to reflect your new logo, which can cost significant time and money. For those reasons, we recommend doing your logo design immediately after finalizing your business name. Then you’re set up to build your brand the right way from the very beginning, which costs much less in the end.

TIP: You can find your Secretary of State here.

Can you redesign my logo?2020-11-17T18:38:01-06:00

Yes. In fact, we love helping established businesses redesign or recreate their logos. Some of the most common reasons to redesign your logo include poor-quality logo files, no original logo artwork, and no vector files. From a practical standpoint, this means that when you go to use your logo, you bump up against limitations because your file is too small, blurry, or in the wrong format.

If you have built up hard-earned brand recognition for your business over the years but are frustrated with your poor logo files, a logo redesign may be a good fit for your business. It is a great way to keep your brand recognition intact while equipping your small business with high-quality logo files to display your logo professionally and consistently moving forward.

What is a logo refresh?2020-11-17T18:37:07-06:00

A logo refresh is similar to a logo redesign, but it goes a step further. A logo refresh uses design elements of your old logo to maintain brand recognition but modernizes the design where needed. Some logo refresh examples include updating the fonts, streamlining the colors, simplifying the design, and removing limiting effects like gradients or drop shadows. If you have an established business with an outdated logo, a logo refresh may be a great fit for you.

Should I do a new logo design or a logo refresh?2020-11-17T18:36:23-06:00

If you’re starting a new business, you need a new logo design. If you have an established business, a logo redesign or logo refresh may be a better fit for you to maintain your current brand recognition.

If you are completely rebranding an established business, you’ll also need a new logo design. However, it is essential to understand the hard and soft costs associated with rebranding an established business. While the hard costs include the cost of the logo and the cost of updating it across all of your business materials, the soft costs include things like lost brand recognition and the cost of communicating “same business, new look” to your customers. A good design company can help you decide which option makes the most sense for you.

How much does a logo design cost?2020-11-17T18:35:36-06:00

Logo design costs range from free to thousands of dollars. While free online logo makers have their limitations, high-priced agency logo design packages are overkill for most small businesses. For a good balance between a custom logo designed just for your business and a cost-effective creative process, you can expect to pay roughly $1,000, give or take. Variables include things like the number of logo design concepts you want to see and the number of design revisions before arriving at your final logo design. 

While you can certainly get a logo designed for less, the discount logo design services often cut corners to offer rock-bottom prices like $20, $99, or $199. Instead of investing the time to understand you, your business, your industry, and your local market, they rely heavily on current logo design trends, which leaves you with a logo that looks like everyone else’s and you itching to change it within a few years. In the end, the price of cycling through a new logo design every few years (and updating all of your brand materials each time) costs much more than the $1,000 or so you’ll pay for a well planned, custom logo design the first time around.

Should I use a free online logo maker?2020-11-17T18:34:28-06:00

Most online free logo maker tools allow you to pair pre-made design elements with your business name to create your own logo. While this is the fastest and cheapest way to design your logo, it is not without its drawbacks. Some drawbacks include muted brand impact because of the lack of design novelty and limited logo files which can make it difficult to display your logo professionally in various contexts. If your business is a hobby, a free online logo maker can be a good place to start. Otherwise, we recommend investing in a professionally designed logo that will represent your business well for years to come.

Should I pay thousands of dollars for my logo design?2020-11-17T18:33:39-06:00

Probably not. High-priced agency logo design packages are overkill for most small businesses. Focus groups, in-depth industry analysis, and volumes of idea boards can drive a logo design cost well into the thousands of dollars and, frankly, are not necessary for most small businesses. You should be able to get a good custom logo design for around $1,000. You’re probably overpaying if your logo design costs $2,000 or more.

How long does a logo design take?2020-11-17T18:32:51-06:00

A healthy logo design process usually takes a few weeks from start to finish. The process usually includes an initial meeting to get to know you and your business, about a week to design the initial logo design concepts, about a week to implement your design feedback and lock in the final design, and a couple of days to prepare your final logo package with your brand guidelines, official logo variations, logo font files, and color swatch formulas. Quicker logo designs can be convenient in the short term, but they usually come with long-term drawbacks, such as settling for an “ok” design, wondering if you should have taken the time to explore other ideas, and cutting corners on sound design principles that will limit your logo use in certain contexts (ex: it doesn’t look good at small scale, it doesn’t translate to one color, etc.).

What is the logo design process?2020-11-17T18:32:00-06:00

The logo design process starts with an initial brand consultation to get to know you, your business, your industry, and your local market. From there, we design the initial logo concepts for you to review. Once you’ve had an opportunity to share your feedback, we update the designs as needed to arrive at the perfect logo for your business. Finally, we present you with your final logo package which includes your brand guidelines, official logo variations, logo font files, and color swatch formulas. The total logo design process usually takes a few weeks from start to finish.

What comes with my logo package?2020-11-17T18:30:09-06:00

A good logo package will include your official logo variations (ex: full-color version, one-color version, tagline version, etc.), brand font files, color swatch formulas, and brand guidelines. Everything should be well organized and clearly labeled so you can easily find what you need as you begin to use your new logo. The best logo design companies will typically include each of these items as part of their standard logo design service. However, many of the discount logo companies will not offer them or will charge extra for them.

Should I hire a freelance logo designer?2020-11-17T18:29:26-06:00

A freelance designer may be a great fit for you depending on your needs. There are many very talented freelance designers who do high-quality design work. Freelance designers are also usually less expensive than a logo design team. 

However, there are a few drawbacks to going with a freelance designer. First is the task of finding a good freelance designer and avoiding the bad ones. For every good freelance designer, there are several bad ones you’ll want to be sure to avoid. Second is the inevitable limitations of a freelance designer, who is likely skilled in one aspect of building your brand – in this case, your logo design, or is a “jack of all trades, master of none.”  Going the freelance route often forces you to settle for a jack of all trades, or to string together several skilled freelancers to cover all of the bases to build your brand (ex: your logo, website, print materials, social media, blog, SEO, etc.). This fragmented approach inevitably leads to a fragmented brand. In the end, this seemingly cheap and easy way to build your brand often ends up costing you more money and causing more headaches than it is worth.

To summarize, if you are confident in your ability to choose a good freelance designer and you are only looking to build one piece of your brand, like your logo, a freelance designer is probably a great fit for you. Otherwise, we suggest working with a small team of professionals who can build each piece of your brand in a seamless, cost-effective way. This approach gives you the simplicity of a single point of contact paired with the depth of a team that will work together to build your brand.

What do the best logo designs have in common?2020-11-17T18:28:44-06:00

While the best logo designs come in all shapes and sizes, there are a few unifying principles that separate the best logo designs from the rest. Specifically, the best logo designs are simple, timeless, and versatile. Simple logo designs are simply more memorable than complex logo designs. When you look at some of the most iconic global brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and Apple, they all have one thing in common – a simple, memorable logo design. The best logo designs are also timeless. They worked yesterday, they work today, and they’ll work fifty years from now. Instead of relying on today’s design trends that box them into this year or this decade, they rely on sound design principles that have been around since the Egyptians designed the pyramids or since Da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa. These timeless design principles include things like the golden ratio, sound symmetry, and a distinct visual hierarchy. Finally, the best logo designs are versatile, especially in this day in age. Today, a logo needs to look great in a wide array of color variations, sizes, and arrangements when applied to your website, social media, print materials, and more. The best logos are versatile enough to look great and communicate brand consistency no matter what environment they’re in.

If you’re designing a logo for your business, you’ll want to work with a logo design company that can help ensure it is simple (memorable), timeless (cost-effective), and versatile (usable).

Do I need to trademark my logo?2020-11-17T18:27:59-06:00

According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), your logo design is trademarked the first time it is used in commerce. So as soon as you pair your logo with your products or services for sale, your trademark is created. However, your trademark is limited to the geographic area where you have used your logo unless you file for a registered trademark at the state or national level. While many local small businesses may not benefit from the increased protection of a registered trademark, as indicated by the “®,” others may if they plan to do business beyond their local area. For a more detailed explanation, and to decide what’s right for your business, see the USPTO’s Resources on Trademark Basics. We also recommend you consult with an attorney to discuss your options.

Do I own my logo design?2020-11-17T18:27:11-06:00

If you have a logo custom designed for your business, you own the trademark to the design as the business owner. However, it is important to note, there is a difference between a trademark and a copyright. Just because you own the trademark, does not mean you automatically own the copyright to your logo. The ownership of the copyright remains with the logo designer until a written transfer is made. When choosing a logo design company, it is important to know how they handle design copyrights so you can be certain you’ll fully own your logo design. At Daor Design, we make a practice of painlessly transferring your logo copyright to you upon request. If you have invested in a custom-designed logo, we think you should be free to fully own the trademark and the copyright to your logo.

As with trademarking your logo, there are some benefits to also registering your logo with the Copyright Office. We recommend you consult with an attorney to discuss your options.

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“From start to finish, Daor Design did an amazing job redesigning my law firm’s logo and website. I could not possibly be happier with the new site’s aesthetics. Moreover, throughout the content editing process, they were prompt and thorough in implementing the changes that I requested. Thanks to all of the time and hard work that Daor Design put into developing my firm’s new website, visitors who are interested in retaining my services are more likely to have a very positive first impression of my firm! Thanks, Daor!”

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“Daor has done many design projects for us and we’ve always been blown away at their talent and professionalism. From the early stages of creating a logo and print advertisements to the more intricate processes of website design, I highly recommend Daor for all of your design needs.”

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“Daor Design helped me rebrand my business with a new website and logo. They do great work and I highly recommend them if you’re looking for a graphic design team.”

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“We chose Daor Design to update our brand and re-build our website. What an excellent choice we made. With my technology challenged brain Daor saved the day. They listened to our vision and helped us transform it into the beautiful website/logo we have today. They were prompt when we asked for changes or additions and they did it with an incredible amount of patience. I am pleased to add my name to the list of those that have enjoyed the professionalism, creativity and again, much needed patience of Daor Design.”

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“Daor Design did a great job designing our real estate team logo. They worked with us to create a great final product and were patient and helpful with the process. I would use them again for any future needs.”

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“The Daor team is great! They were patient and worked with me to create a new logo, website and complete branding package that turned out to be spot on with what I envisioned and represents my company perfectly.”

David, Owner, Inside Out SF
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“I am extremely happy with my new logo and new website. I didn’t realize how dated my old logo and website had become. Working with Daor design is very easy. I highly recommend them.”

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“I worked with Daor Design on refreshing our logo. It was a pleasure working with them. They were very kind, met or exceeded expectations for deadlines, and were extremely responsive to emails. They provided crucial creative insight into the new design and worked with us to refine the logo to fit our vision. I would definitely recommend them for logo design and will use them for all of our future projects!”

Britney, Co-Founder, Hair Tie Hub
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“They were great to work with on a new logo and an over-sized postcard project. They took my amateurish drafts and made them ‘WOW.’ I selected them in part because of their reasonable time estimates. I’ll use this team again, no doubt.”

Carolyn, Owner, Tague Consulting
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“Amazing team that produces wonderful work in a timely fashion. They were extremely receptive and willing to collaborate from start to finish. Looking to create your logo or amp up your current one? Look no further!”

Brett, Owner, BeHeard
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“From the time I submitted an email to get a quote, up till when our logo package was submitted to us – Daor Design, was nothing but helpful, prompt, organized, and the team was very communicative. They came back with two concepts after listening to what we were looking for with our new logo – and both were perfect!”

Briezee, Office Manager, Tactivest
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“Daor Design did a great job creating a logo for me. Attractive design, professional and friendly service. Would definitely use again for future graphic design.”

Carrie, Owner, Salt & Light Design
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“Tim and I had been trying to find someone to re-do our website and logo for a very long time…the Daor Design team was worth the wait! We were amazed by how quickly they came up with compelling logo options based on discussions we had with them about our company’s guiding principles and what differentiates us from our peers.”

Stacey, Co-Founder, Runde & Partners
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“We have worked with Daor Design on multiple fronts. They helped us create a logo and a website, helped setup email marketing campaigns, and also helped with our social media presence, footprint and SEO. Personally I’m a huge seeker of where quality and value intersect, and I feel they come together incredibly well with Daor.”

Mike, Partner, Jessica Bettencourt
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“Working with Daor Design has taken a huge weight off of my shoulders! Marketing and branding is a key component of business planning but one that had also been very ambiguous to me. Daor Design has done a great job of developing a clear strategy and providing regular updates with real results. The Daor team is organized, professional, and effective. If you are looking for help with branding or marketing, I highly recommend
Daor Design!”

Teresa, Owner, Ridgewood Home Construction
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“The Daor Design team did an outstanding job on my logo design! They incorporated my initial thoughts and visions throughout the process and were very responsive along the way. Not only did they materialize these thoughts, but exceeded my expectations in their creative design. If you are looking for talented and professional designers, Daor Design is your team!”

Stacy, Owner, Wellmagine Integrative Health Coaching
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“I’ve worked with Daor Design for a couple of different logo projects, and this most recent was the best yet. The key? – I came to them with just a business name, the rationale behind it, and little else. After only an initial pair of concepts and a single revision, their designer nailed the visual brand identity I was looking for, even though I couldn’t articulate it at the beginning of the process. Beyond the design itself, the folks who keep the project on track are excellent to work with and provide a generous customer experience.”

Lance, Founder, 5x5 Advisory
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“We worked with Daor Design in the past on different projects so we already knew they were incredibly talented. We asked them to develop our name and logo for a new consulting company. Their dedication and design took our breath away.  I would highly recommend their services if you need a top performer.”

Jerry, Owner, Framework Security
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“Beautiful design work and amazing customer service! Daor designed our company’s logo within our very short time frame, and we couldn’t be happier! I highly recommend them!”

Michelle, Co-Founder, Food Friend