Commercial Appliance Repair

Santa Barbara, California

A Logo Refresh

For an Established Small Business

Marvin, the owner and operator of Commercial Appliance Repair, has been servicing commercial appliances since 1987. When he reached out to our team, he knew his pixelated logo needed a refresh. But he didn’t want to lose his hard-earned brand recognition with local, Santa Barbara restaurants. Our team worked closely with Marvin to modernize his logo design while keeping the key elements in place to maintain his brand recognition with his clients. Because Marvin uses his logo in several different places, we designed for flexibility with full color and one color options so it will display nicely on business cards, uniforms, vehicles, and anywhere else Marvin chooses to show off his refreshed logo.

Logo Design

Brand Colors

Grays and blue with a pop of “emergency” red to convey a sense of urgency.

Dark Gray

Color Formula


Light Gray

Color Formula



Color Formula



Color Formula


Logo Before & After

Hover to see the difference.


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