Legend Refrigeration

Boerne, Texas

A New Brand

For an Established Refrigeration Company

Todd and Maggie, the husband and wife team behind Legend Refrigeration, reached out to us ready to build a brand around their well-established business. Amazingly, Legend Refrigeration has grown steadily since 1995 without a business logo or website in place. That success is a real testament to Todd and Maggie’s strong business model, but it was time for a brand for this business nonetheless. We’d summarize this project as “teaching an old dog a new trick,” and we’re happy to say that it is possible. Legend Refrigeration now has a new logo and website designed to help build brand awareness around their highly reputable name with restaurant owners along the Greater Austin-San Antonio Corridor.

Logo Design

  • Logo of "Legend Refrigeration" featuring stylized mountain peaks above the word "Legend," followed by the words "Refrigeration" underneath in bold lettering, with the tagline.
  • A logo featuring the text "Legend Refrigeration" with a stylized mountain peak above the text, all presented against a solid pastel blue background.
  • The image is a blue-toned graphical background with multiple repetitions of the word "legend" and an emblem-like illustration that appears to depict a mountain or peak. At the center, there is a Legend

Brand Colors

Frosty blues for a cool, refreshing brand.

Frost Blue

Color Formula


Cool Blue

Color Formula


Deep Blue

Color Formula


Website Design

  • A desktop computer placed on a white table displaying the homepage of a company named "Legend Refrigeration" on its screen, with a slogan that says "big enough to do it right small enough to.
  • A flat lay of a digital tablet and a laptop on a blue surface displaying a matching web design for Legend Refrigeration, accompanied by a notebook, a cup of coffee, and a small potted plant

Website Features

A website designed to make it super easy for restaurant owners to contact Legend Refrigeration.


A website designed to easily guide people from the home page to the contact page with streamlined messaging and a clear call to action.


A mobile-friendly design so this website looks great and works seamlessly on all devices including computers, tablets, and phones.


A well-organized website with a sitemap submission to Google and Google Analytics turned on to track and grow traffic from day one.

A smiling woman with shoulder-length curly hair wearing a red Legend Refrigeration top.

“Daor Design did a phenomenal job creating our website for our Small Business. We started the process right before COVID hit.  Even though there was so much uncertainty with some of our core customers closing, Daor Design was very patient and understanding. My husband and I were clueless about website design and management but, we knew what we wanted.  Sarah and her team were able to bring that vision to life in our website. The colors, the feel, the ease with which to maneuver through the website was an amazing collaboration with the Daor Team. I felt truly valued throughout this entire process. They always made sure we had all our questions answered. They kept us informed and on track every step of the way!  I highly recommend , like 12 star recommend  Daor Design for your website design needs.  They always have a special place in my heart for all their hard work and dedication to my business. Forget about any other design shops out there, Daor Design is SUPERIOR,AWESOME, FANTASTIC, AMAZING!!!!!”


Owner, Legend Refrigeration

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