Little Fox Therapy

San Leandro, California

A New Brand

For a New Pediatric Physical Therapist

Danielle was launching a new pediatric physical therapy practice when she reached out to our team for a custom brand design. Because Danielle’s work is to help kids move, she wanted a playful, scurrying fox for her logo. Starting with a hand-drawn sketch, our team worked closely with Danielle to design her Little Fox Therapy logo. Once her new logo was in place, we designed business cards, letterhead and a custom brand pattern to match. Physical therapy has never looked so fun to kids.

Logo Design

  • Logo of Little Fox Therapy featuring an illustrated orange fox leaping over the stylized text.
  • A hand holding a pencil sketches the figure of a little fox on a piece of paper for Fox Therapy.
  • Graphic illustration of an abstract orange fox with the text "Little Fox Therapy" next to it.
  • A seamless pattern featuring stylized representations of little foxes in various poses on a white background.

Brand Colors

Vintage blues and grays with a pop of fox red.


Color Formula



Color Formula



Color Formula



Color Formula


Marketing Projects

  • A pair of Little Fox Therapy stationery papers with fox patterns next to a silver pen and glasses on a desk.
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“I really enjoyed working with Daor Design as they helped me create a logo and form the foundations of my business. I appreciated their perfect blend of personalism and professionalism. They took time to listen to my vision and turned it into exactly what I was looking for. They also provided a good sounding board for growing my company and making decisions around web design and marketing strategies. It is wonderful as a small business owner to work and support other small business owners in such a productive and professional capacity.”


Founder, Little Fox Therapy

Graphic Design Projects