Mission Suds

San Francisco, California

A Rebrand

For a Retro Laundromat

When Robin first reached out to us, she was the new owner of Missions Suds, a retro laundromat in San Francisco’s Mission District. Located at a busy Muni stop, Robin wanted a brand designed to get the attention of thousands of local residents passing by each day. So we designed the new Mission Suds brand and signage to do just that.

Logo Design

  • This image displays a logo featuring the words "Mission Suds" encircled by an oval, with stylized suds and bubbles illustrated beneath the text, all set against a background.
  • Oval-shaped logo with the text "Mission Suds" on a two-tone background divided diagonally between light blue and white.
  • A graphic banner featuring a central emblem with the text "Mission Suds Laundromat" surrounded by stylized blue bubbles on a light background.
  • The image displays a blue-toned background with pebbles and bubbles, overlayed by a circular white logo for "Mission Suds Laundromat." The logo features a stylized representation of

Brand Colors

A refreshingly clean color palette.


Color Formula



Color Formula



Color Formula


Marketing Projects

  • A collection of printed materials with a consistent turquoise and black color scheme, featuring text and graphic elements pertaining to a "Mission Suds" theme.
  • A man stands against a white background wearing a black t-shirt with the "Mission Suds" logo, a blue and white circular graphic design, on the front.

Graphic Design Projects