Paradigm Data Group

San Francisco, California

A New Brand

For a Silicon Valley Tech Startup

Peter and Martin, the Co-Founders of Paradigm Data Group, came to us looking to create a fresh, playful, approachable brand for their new Silicon Valley tech startup. Within a few short weeks, Paradigm Data Group had a full brand in place with matching business cards and hex stickers to hand out at the first company event. Take a look at our work with Peter and Martin.

Logo Design

  • Company logo of Paradigm Data Group on a dark blue background featuring white text and a green and white graphic element that resembles a stylized circuit or connection.
  • The image displays a logo consisting of the word 'Paradigm' in lowercase letters with a graphic resembling a network or molecular structure above the letter 'i', followed by the words 'Data Group'.
  • The image shows the word "Paradigm Data Group" in various sizes and one stylized version with a design that suggests a connected network or molecular structure, symbolizing complexity or interconnectedness.
  • This image displays a graphic with light blue and white elements on a dark blue background, featuring a stylized depiction of molecular structures and the text "Paradigm Data Group.
  • The image displays a graphical logo for "Paradigm Data Group," featuring a stylized molecule or network icon with interconnected circles in shades of blue and green, and one circle highlighted in yellow.

Brand Colors

A playful color palette for this Silicon Valley tech startup.


Color Formula



Color Formula



Color Formula



Color Formula


Marketing Projects

  • A neatly arranged desk with business cards from Paradigm Data Group, a cup of coffee, eyeglasses, a plant, and printed data charts on a turquoise background.

Graphic Design Projects