Roamin’ Rovers

San Francisco, California

A Re-Brand

For a Longtime Dog Walker

Bill was a dog walker in San Francisco before dog walking was a “thing.” He started his business in 1995 and slowly built up a name for himself around the Pacific Heights area. When Bill came to us, he was nearing retirement and looking to create a fresh new brand for his well-established business in preparation for a new owner to come in and take the reigns. Over the next few months, our team worked closely with Bill to completely re-brand Roamin’ Rovers with a new logo, website, business cards, car magnets, and T-shirt designs. Bill’s parting gift to the new owner set her up well to carry on the Roamin’ Rovers name in style.

Logo Design

Brand Colors

A natural color palette chosen to feel like a dog in the great outdoors.

Golden Retriever

Color Formula


Forest Green

Color Formula


Marketing Projects

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