Wizzos Pup Treats

San Francisco, California

A New Brand

For a Premium Pup Treat Company

Nicole came to us looking for a logo based on her puppy and brand ambassador, Wizzo, for her company, Wizzos Pup Treats. Our team worked closely with Nicole to design this modern brand to catch the eye of San Francisco dog owners looking for premium pup treats. As soon as Nicole’s logo was finalized, we helped her design business cards and product packaging to match.

Logo Design

  • Logo of "Wizzos Pup Treats" featuring a stylized silhouette of a dog jumping above the text, set against a green background.
  • Three variations of the "Wizzos Pup Treats" logo, each featuring a stylized dog in a different color and pose, alongside the brand name.
  • A cartoon-style illustration of a dog with its tongue out, against a green background, with radiant lines suggesting excitement or movement, alongside the text "Wizzos Pup Treats.
  • A brown and white dog gently takes a treat from a person's hand, with a logo for "Wizzos Pup Treats" overlayed on the right side of the image.

Brand Colors

A puppy-inspired color palette with a pop of green.

Puppy Kiss

Color Formula


Puppy Fur

Color Formula



Color Formula


Lime Green

Color Formula


Marketing Projects

Graphic Design Projects