While the best logo designs come in all shapes and sizes, there are a few unifying principles that separate the best logo designs from the rest. Specifically, the best logo designs are simple, timeless, and versatile. Simple logo designs are simply more memorable than complex logo designs. When you look at some of the most iconic global brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and Apple, they all have one thing in common – a simple, memorable logo design. The best logo designs are also timeless. They worked yesterday, they work today, and they’ll work fifty years from now. Instead of relying on today’s design trends that box them into this year or this decade, they rely on sound design principles that have been around since the Egyptians designed the pyramids or since Da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa. These timeless design principles include things like the golden ratio, sound symmetry, and a distinct visual hierarchy. Finally, the best logo designs are versatile, especially in this day in age. Today, a logo needs to look great in a wide array of color variations, sizes, and arrangements when applied to your website, social media, print materials, and more. The best logos are versatile enough to look great and communicate brand consistency no matter what environment they’re in.

If you’re designing a logo for your business, you’ll want to work with a logo design company that can help ensure it is simple (memorable), timeless (cost-effective), and versatile (usable).