Post No. 24

7 Ways to Make Your Business Cards Stand Out

A couple of weeks ago we debunked the myth that business cards are a thing of the past. Today we want to share 7 ways to make your business cards stand out among the rest; after all, there are a lot of business cards in the world.

  1. Use high-quality paper.
    Sure, you could print your business cards on cardstock at home. But having your business cards professionally printed on quality paper is a guaranteed way to make them stand out. We order our business cards from MOO; they have a variety of options and do a fantastic job every time.

  2. Choose a unique shape.
    Who says you have to have the standard, rectangular business cards? Square, oval and other-shaped business cards will leave longer impressions than the typical cards. Plus, your unusually-shaped business card will be sure to stick out in a pile of rectangular cards someone collected at a networking event.

  3. Consider a non-paper material.
    You don’t have to stop with a unique shape; skip paper altogether! Instead, opt for a plastic, metal, wood or rubber business card. While these materials will be more expensive, they are way less likely to meet the trash can. You could even print your “business card” on an object, such as a USB, ruler, magnet or anything else you can think of.

  4. Say more with less.
    There’s something to be said about short and sweet. Don’t try to cram as much information as possible onto your business card. Leave some breathing room by including only the most important information. People are more likely to read your card if it’s easy on the eyes.

  5. Be helpful.
    Utilize one side of your business card to provide helpful information for people. Feature a referral code, special offer or informational chart…anything that will make them want to keep the card.

  6. Choose typography wisely.
    Pay special attention to your business card’s typography (typefaces, letter spacing, line height, font weight, punctuation, etc.). This is one of the biggest things that set professionally-designed cards apart from DIY cards. Customized typography directs readers’ eyes to key information and helps important words pop off the card.

  7. Use your bleeds.
    Running your logo, pattern or other design element off the edge of your business card breaks the boundaries and creates a fresh, “designer look.” (Not sure how to do that? Learn how to set up bleeds in Adobe Illustrator!)

Business cards provide the perfect outlet to use a little creativity, even if you don’t necessarily work in a “creative” field. Use these ideas to think outside the box (literally) and create a business card that people want to keep.

If you feel like you’ve hit a creativity wall, or you just don’t want to think about business cards, we’d love to design your business cards for you. Contact us today to get started!