Post No. 21

Are Business Cards a Thing of the Past?

It is no secret that our digital age is becoming even more digital every day. From self-driving cars to cryptocurrency, the times are changing and technology is advancing. Video calls, online seminars and even telecommuting have changed how businesses function.

These digital advances that reduce face-to-face interaction may leave you asking the question, “Are printed business cards a thing of the past?”

Thanks for asking!

The answer is no, business cards are not a thing of the past; at least, they shouldn’t be.

Why do you need business cards?
Yes, we have more digital connections now than we ever have. We have LinkedIn and online meetups. We may text more than we talk, but we still interact with people daily.

For example, have you been to any of these places in the past week?

  • Coffee shop
  • Grocery store
  • Local restaurant
  • Gym
  • Social gathering
  • School event
  • Conference
  • Airplane

If the answer is yes, then you should still carry business cards in your wallet. You sit next to people on planes, you meet other parents at your children’s school events, you may even strike up a conversation with a stranger at the vet’s office.

The point is, you still interact with people face-to-face, and business cards provide a tangible way for people to connect with and remember your brand. A physical business card may get buried in a wallet, but it’s more likely to get unburied than that email you sent 3 months ago. A business card demonstrates an element of professionalism, much more than a scribbled down email address or phone number.

But business cards seem so pushy…
No one wants to be that person who twists every introduction into a business opportunity, but you should be ready to hand out a business card when you meet someone who could really benefit from your services.

Here’s a little example:

Occupation: You’re a dentist in Cincinnati.
Scenario: At your son’s basketball game, you meet the family sitting next to you. You learn that they just moved into town.
Wrong response: I see you could really use a teeth cleaning; here’s my card!
Great response: Welcome to Cincinnati! I’ve actually been a dentist in town for about 8 years. Here’s my card if you’re still looking for a dentist. *Hand over your card and continue talking about the game*

You don’t have to be pushy with your business cards, but you also shouldn’t be afraid to hand them out. If it helps, set a goal to hand out a certain number of business cards each month. Start with 10 cards a month, and then work your way up. Your business deserves to be known!

Need business cards?
If you’re ready to take your business cards off the backburner, or if your current cards just need a face lift, we’ve got you covered. We’d love to design a business card for you that represents your brand and stands out among the rest. Contact us to get started!