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What is a Brandbook and Why Do I Need One?

Your company’s brand has many elements. You have a full-color version of your logo on your website, and you have an abbreviated version of your logo for social media. When used consistently, these subtle variations make your brand strong and recognizable.

But how can you ensure that every element of your brand is used exactly how you want, especially when multiple people are involved?

Enter your company’s brandbook.

What is a brandbook?
A brandbook provides an anchor for your company’s brand, from logo variations to color swatches.  It summarizes when to use every element of your brand, including specific colors, fonts, and more. Rather than relying on guesswork to choose the right color or logo version, you can reference your brandbook to keep your brand consistent across every platform.

Brandbooks vary slightly because your brandbook is tailored to your company, but they typically include:

  • Logo variations and usage guidelines
  • Color swatches and usage guidelines
  • Typography guidelines
  • Brand patterns and textures
  • Photography guidelines
  • Words to use and avoid
  • Your company’s mission statement or brand words

Why do I need one?
If you are a one-man band, such as a wedding photographer or freelancer, it is easy to maintain your intended brand. You will use the correct verbiage because you know your own voice, and you will likely use logos and colors consistently because you are the only one posting on social media.

However, if your company consists of more than one employee (or if you want it to!), you need a brandbook. Your employees need a brandbook to guide their decisions, especially if they are involved with any aspect of marketing, designing, or copywriting.

Without a brandbook, people can make design and brand decisions that create a really inconsistent brand. Your hard-earned brand becomes diluted when your social media manager creates Facebook posts in her natural voice, which sounds nothing like yours. Your brand becomes weak when your designer uses different logos on every brochure. Without a definitive guide, every employee will express the company’s brand in his or her own way.

A comprehensive brandbook is key to helping you maintain your brand integrity no matter who is handling your brand. Whether your brand is passed from person to person, department to department or company to company in your usual course of business, your brandbook keeps everyone on the same page.

Need a Brandbook?
If you want to build your brand like nobody’s business, creating a brandbook is a great way to start. If you’re not sure where to start, we’d love to work with you and create a brandbook that you love. Contact us today!