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Is Your Business Website a Show Horse or a Work Horse?

Your business website is a vital component of your business’ success, not to mention a hefty investment, so you want to make sure that it’s pulling its weight for your business. If you’re not sure whether your website is a work horse or a show horse, keep reading.

Websites that Wow… at first

Is your website shiny, but not getting any work done for your business? Lots of websites look good (which is important), but they don’t do anything past that. We call these websites show horses.

Your website might be a show horse if it looks really nice but…

  • It’s not helping meet your business goals
  • It contains broken links
  • Its navigation is confusing
  • It doesn’t engage your target market

Websites that Work

Of course you want your website to be visually appealing. After all, attractive design is often what keeps people on your website in the first place. But websites should do much more than that. They should get work done for your business. We call these websites work horses.

Your website might be a work horse if it has…

  • Intuitive navigation
  • Clear (and converting) calls to action
  • Meaningful content
  • Lead funnels
  • Contact forms

How to Plan for a Website that Works

Websites that work don’t happen by accident. They are planned for, well-thought out and intentionally-designed. Below are a few ways to plan for a website that works.

  • Write out the goals you want your website to accomplish
  • Plan how you will measure success for those goals (Google Analytics will come in handy here…and it’s totally free!)
  • Study your target market to learn what motivates them and how you can effectively reach them

Websites that Win

We build websites that are attractive enough to catch people’s attention and helpful enough to keep their attention. We work with you and your team to design a website that encompasses your brand, speaks to your target market and accomplishes your business goals.

Tired of having a pretty website that doesn’t do any work for your business? If you’re ready to build or rebuild a website that pulls its own weight, contact us today – we’d love to chat.

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