Post No. 08

How Do You Decide What Keywords to Use for My Website?

We’ve created a beautiful website for you, but now it’s time fill your site with quality content. After all, a beautiful website will initially attract readers, but the content is what makes them stay (or leave). When we strategize the best content for your website, one of our first considerations is keywords.

Keywords play a huge part in your website’s SEO. They tell Google what your website is about so that Google can direct the right users to it. This means that you have to know what users are searching for so that your site will be a “perfect match,” if you will. But we know that you have your business to focus on, which is why we love strategizing keywords for you.

So how do we choose keywords that will boost your site’s SEO?

First, we do some old-fashioned brainstorming. We consider your industry, location, services, clients, and more. We compile a list of keywords that we think will drive traffic to your site.

Next, we spend some time researching. There are a lot of tools to help determine the best keywords to use. We use those tools to weed out our initial list and add stronger keywords. Long-tail keywords (phrases with three or four words) are effective because they typically target users who are close to buying. They may reach fewer people, but the people they do reach are ready to make a decision. Short keywords (e.g. shoes, food, pets) may drive a lot of traffic but little conversion. We keep all of this in mind when compiling keywords for your website.

Lastly, we take a look at competitors’ keywords. We do this by analyzing their websites and using tools like Google’s free Keyword Planner. We’ll search for keywords based on competitors’ URLs to see what keywords they’re using and not using. We can use some of the same keywords to compete against them, but we can also work to increase our rankings for keywords they haven’t started using.

Once we’ve selected the best keywords for your website, we can create web content that effortlessly includes those words. If you choose us to help with your digital marketing, we will also optimize the behind-the-scenes of your website with those keywords.

Your beautiful website needs killer content to keep people engaged. And it also needs specific keywords so Google knows who to send to your website. We are here to help with all of that, so that you can focus on your business. Contact us!