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What Files Do I Get With My Logo?

When we design a logo for you, we do our very best to make sure you have the resources to use it effectively. One way we do this is by giving you a logo package with multiple file types in it. We want to prevent any future frustration from not having the right file when a printer asks for an EPS file or an advertiser requests a high res JPEG. Your logo package ensures you have all the files you need for any situation, so you never get stuck in a logo rut.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s inside:

EPS File
This is the original artwork for your logo, and we like to refer to it as the “master key.” You can create any type of file (PDF, JPEG, PNG, etc.) from an EPS. Many printers will request to work with your vector artwork, which is found in the EPS file, so this is a good file to keep easily accessible.

PDF File
This shows a quick inventory of all the logo variations included in your folder. The last page shows your brand color swatch formulas and your brand font names. When working on your website, the HEX or RGB color formulas will help you get an exact color match. The CMYK formulas are best for printing.

JPEG Files
JPEGs are typically smaller than other file types, which makes them handy for online use. However, the smaller file size can come with a slight loss of quality, so watch out for grainy images. If that happens, try using a PNG file (described below). It’s also important to note that JPEGs do not have transparent backgrounds, so any space around your logo will display in white.

PNG Files
PNG files are typically higher quality than JPEGs, so use them when you can. These files can have transparent backgrounds, so all of your logo versions on a “white” background are actually transparent in the PNG format. This comes in handy when you want to use your logo as a watermark or place it on top of a background image.

Fonts Folder
This folder has your logo font files, in case you want to download them to use on other materials. If your logo fonts are licensed, we can let you know where you can purchase them.

We guarantee that your logo package will save you a lot of stress and hassle down the road. Plus, we’re always here to answer any questions you may have about your files.

Do you already have a logo but only in JPEG form? Don’t worry! We’d be happy to create a logo package for you, based off of your existing logo. It’s not too late to add flexibility to your brand.

If you’re ready for a new logo or you simply need a custom logo package, let’s talk!