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How to Optimize Your Email Signature

You know it’s important to optimize your website and blog posts, but have you ever thought about optimizing email signatures? Optimizing your email signature isn’t about SEO. It’s about making the most of a given space that every single person you email will see. It’s also a quick and easy way to send more people to your website and make life a little easier for whomever you are emailing.

What to include in your email signature

  • Name
    It might sound like a no-brainer, but the very first item in your email signature should be your name. After all, the people you’re emailing want to know who you are.

  • Job title
    Include your job title under your name. This helps people know exactly what your role is, especially if this is their first time hearing from you.

  • Links
    This is where the real optimizing comes in. Include your company name, linked to the main company website. This allows people to go directly to your website, making life easier for them, and leads better for you. You can also add links to specific sections of your website, such as certain services or products you offer.Alternatively, you can link to any of your social media sites, such as Instagram or Facebook. We recommend linking to the platform with the most traffic. (And if your company doesn’t consistently maintain its social media platforms, don’t link to them.)

  • Tagline
    Your email signature is a great place to make use of your company’s tagline. Before long, clients will associate your name and company with that tagline. Branding at its finest!

  • Logo
    To include your logo or not to include your logo, that is the question. Adding a company logo to your email signature can look nice, but often times an image will display as a broken link on mobile devices. Knowing that a lot of people check their emails on their phones, we choose to err on the side of caution and simply link our company name to our website.

  • Phone number
    You may also want to include a phone number in your email signature. This gives people another way to contact you if they wish.

Now that you’ve read our best tips, take a few minutes to apply them to your own signature. If you’d like to see how we structure our email signatures, contact us and you’ll see our signature in our reply!