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How Long Will It Take to Design My Website?

You go to the car wash to get your car detailed. After 5 minutes, a worker comes back and hands you your keys, letting you know that your car is good to go. You’re a little shocked, and you ask how they finished so quickly. He responds, “Well, we pride ourselves in being the fastest car wash around, so we gave your car a rinse off and it looks like new!”

Unfortunately, a lot of design firms work like this. They produce quick results, but at a high cost to you and your brand. Your new website may look nice, but it also looks like every other website out there. It seems organized at first, but it doesn’t function well past the home page.

This is not how we work.

Our ultimate goal in developing your website is to complement the brand you have worked hard to create and increase your brand presence along the way. Because we don’t believe quality should be rushed, we allow about 8-10 weeks to design your website.

Here’s a quick look into our process.

Stage One: Landing Page Design
Typical time: 2 weeks

The landing page is the cornerstone of your website. It is the first impression that people get of your brand, and we all know how impactful first impressions can be. We want their first impression of your brand to be love at first site, which is why we take our time to make sure your landing page is user-friendly and beautifully-designed.

Stage Two: Secondary Page Designs
Typical time: 2 weeks

Next, we design any secondary pages, such as About Us, Contact and Services. We base these designs off of your landing page to ensure a seamless viewing experience. We make sure your site is easy to navigate, and we add important elements like reliable contact forms and quality images.

Stage Three: Development
Typical time: 4-5 weeks

Once the main pages of your site are designed, we bring the site to life. The initial prototype becomes a fully-functioning, user-friendly website. We always design responsive websites that adapt to mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

You don’t take shortcuts when it comes to giving your car a much-needed wash, and your website should be even more important. Let us give your website the detailing it needs so you can avoid being disappointed and paying for another design in a few months.

If you’re ready to get your website started (or redesigned), we’d love to chat. Contact us today! You can also check out some of our website designs to see how we’ve helped other business build their websites.