Post No. 34

Small Business Tip: How to Develop Your Brand’s Personality

Every brand has a personality. Yes, even your brand. Even more, you have the ability to cultivate the personality you want your brand to have. But how can you create a memorable brand personality that represents your company?

Let’s find out.

Consider Your Language
Your company uses words. A lot. The words you use contribute to your brand’s personality. A casual, trendy brand may use slang as often as possible, while a more formal brand will avoid slang at all costs. Take the time to choose language that represents your company well.

Consider the following platforms where your words are the focus:

  • Website
  • Tweets
  • Instagram Captions
  • Facebook Posts
  • Emails
  • Monthly Newsletters
  • Brochures
  • Signage

Tip: If you’re not sure what kind of words you should use or avoid, look at your target audience. Are they young or old? What words do they use? What do they think is funny? Knowing your audience well will help you develop a brand personality that effectively reaches the right people.

Watch Your Tone
How you use your words also impacts your brand’s personality. Will you be witty or sarcastic? Will you use emojis? These details are important when it comes to maintaining a consistent brand and engaging with your social media followers. Having a protocol for how you will respond to a positive tweet or frustrated Facebook comment will keep your brand’s personality consistent.

Using or avoiding the following elements will affect your brand’s tone:

  • Emojis ????????????
  • Exclamation points!!
  • all lowercase letters
  • Ellipses…

Pick Your Colors Wisely
Colors say a lot, so we actually wrote a whole blog post about what colors you should choose for your brand. But here’s a quick snapshot of what common colors traditionally portray.

  • Blue: trusted, established, traditional (think Ford)
  • Green: fresh, healthy, environmental, growth (think Whole Foods)
  • Orange: active, energetic, friendly (think Nickelodeon)
  • Red: exciting, confident, powerful (think Coca-Cola)
  • Yellow: warm, friendly, approachable (think Amazon)
  • Black: bold, timeless, quality (think Nike)

Let Your Fonts Do the Talking
A picture is worth a thousand words… we could say the same thing about fonts. Fonts tell a story before you even read their words, or at least they should. What are your brand fonts saying?

Imagine a quaint tea shop. You can picture a soft, romantic, cursive font representing its brand. But picture a bold, Nike-style font all over the tea shop’s website. It doesn’t flow, does it? The fonts you choose should make sense with your brand’s messaging and personality.

Not sure what fonts would fit your brand’s personality best? We’ve got a team of font fanatics who would love to help you find the perfect fonts for your brand.

Everyone and every brand has a personality… but some personalities are more memorable than others. Take the time to create a memorable brand by evaluating your company’s language, tone, fonts and colors. If you want some guidance in creating the best personality for your brand, we’re here to help. Contact us today!