Fresh Start Painting

Daly City, California

A Brand Refresh

For an Established Daly City Painting Business

When Estuardo, the owner of Fresh Start Painting, first reached out, he had what we refer to as a “great business wrapped in a bad brand.” With almost 20 years of experience and an impressive portfolio of both residential and commercial painting projects throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, we could immediately see that Estuardo does excellent work for his clients. However, his brand lagged several steps behind his quality of work. Instead of driving his business forward, Estuardo’s brand and website were holding his business back, so we helped him fix that. Our team worked closely with Estuardo to design a refreshed brand and new small business website designed to help grow his business. Now, our team is transitioning into marketing mode with Estuardo to help grow his small business with a marketing strategy tailored to his industry, target market, and local service area. Take a look at our work on the Fresh Start Painting brand.

Logo Design

  • Fresh Start Painting logo design
  • Fresh Start Painting logo design
  • Fresh Start Painting logo design

Logo Before & After

Hover to see the difference.

Fresh Start Painting logo afterFresh Start Painting logo before

Brand Colors

A fresh, modern brand with a pop of green.


Color Formula



Color Formula



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Color Formula


Website Design

  • Fresh Start Painting website design
  • Fresh Start Painting website design

Website Features

An optimized website designed for business growth.


A website designed to easily guide people from the home page to the contact page with streamlined messaging and a clear call to action.


A mobile-friendly design so this website looks great and works seamlessly on all devices including computers, tablets, and phones.


A well-organized website with a sitemap submission to Google and Google Analytics turned on to track and grow traffic from day one.

Marketing Projects

  • Fresh Start Painting marketing design
  • Fresh Start Painting marketing design
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“Daor Design did a great job with our website. They are very professional.”


Owner, Fresh Start Painting

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