Planet Kids

Boerne, Texas

A New Brand

For an Established Daycare

Raymond and Cheryl reached out to Daor Design looking to completely re-brand Planet Kids to give it a fresh look designed to resonate with local parents. Over the next few months, we worked closely with them to design a completely new logo and website for Planet Kids. From there, we turned our focus to updating their online presence on social media and beyond to help build their brand awareness. Take a look at some of our work with Raymond and Cheryl.

Logo Design

  • Logo for "Planet Kids Learning Center" featuring a stylized rocket resembling a pencil soaring upwards with stars in the background.
  • Logo of Planet Kids Learning Center featuring a stylized rocket ship.

Brand Colors

A kid-friendly color palette with an outer space theme.

Galaxy Blue

Color Formula


Electric Blue

Color Formula


Jupiter Orange

Color Formula


Spacesuit White

Color Formula


Website Design

  • A laptop screen displaying a website called "Planet Kids Learning Center" with a banner that reads "a place for kids - exploring, learning, growing," showing an image of a child playing with building blocks
  • A tablet and smartphone displaying a colorful webpage for Planet Kids Learning Center, surrounded by wooden alphabet blocks on a dark surface.

Website Features

A fun website designed to echo the Planet Kids experience.


A website designed to easily guide people from the home page to the contact page with streamlined messaging and clear calls to action.


A mobile-friendly design so this website looks great and works seamlessly on all devices including computers, tablets, and phones.


A well-organized website with a sitemap submission to Google and Google Analytics turned on to track and grow traffic from day one.

Marketing Services

  • Five smartphones are displayed in a row on a dark wooden surface, each showing a different page of an Instagram profile promoting Planet Kids Learning Center; colorful wooden alphabet blocks are scattered around the phones.
  • A tablet displaying the Facebook page of "Planet Kids Learning Center" lies on a dark wooden surface surrounded by colorful wooden alphabet blocks.

Brand Outlets

Designed to help build brand awareness and lead people to the website.


Branded Graphics
Company Info
CTA Button
Activity Analysis


Claimed Listing
Branded Graphics
Operating Hours
Activity Analysis


Branded Graphics
Company Info
New Website Link
Activity Analysis

A smiling woman with blonde hair wearing a blue shirt and earrings against a wall with the "Planet Kids Learning Center" blue circular pattern.

“We chose Daor Design to update our brand and re-build our website. What an excellent choice we made. With my technology challenged brain Daor saved the day. They listened to our vision and helped us transform it into the beautiful website/logo we have today. They were prompt when we asked for changes or additions and they did it with an incredible amount of patience. I am pleased to add my name to the list of those that have enjoyed the professionalism, creativity and again, much needed patience of Daor Design.”


Director, Planet Kids Learning Center

Graphic Design Projects