The Hollis Law Firm

Cincinnati, Ohio

A Refreshed Brand

For a Solo Practice

Chuck came to us wanting to refresh his logo and website. He wanted his logo to look more current and his website to better highlight his service offerings. Because Chuck already had hard-earned brand recognition in the Cincinnati area, we simply modernized his existing logo while keeping the basic concept intact. From there, we created a new responsive website for Chuck that showcased his new brand and made it easy for people to see his core service offerings. Take a look at some of our work with Chuck.

Logo Design

  • Logo of The Hollis Law Firm with the tagline "where clients come first," featuring a compass-like symbol above the company name.
  • Logo of The Hollis Law Firm, featuring a stylized compass above the firm's name on a plain background.
  • A black background featuring a golden compass-like emblem centered with the letter "h", and text to the right stating "The Hollis Law Firm".

Logo Before & After

Hover to see the difference.

A business logo for The Hollis Law firm with a tagline "where clients come first.", displayed above the word "after".A black and white logo of The Hollis Law Firm, L.L.C. with the tagline "where clients come first" appears above the word "before.

Brand Colors

Timeless charcoal and gold for a firm that delivers for clients day after day.


Color Formula



Color Formula


Website Design

  • A minimalist home office setup featuring a desktop computer on a white desk, displaying The Hollis Law Firm website; alongside are office supplies, a table lamp, books, and a framed picture, all set
  • A digital tablet and smartphone displaying The Hollis Law Firm website rest atop a gray desk amidst a variety of office supplies.

Website Features

A refreshingly simple website designed to make new patients feel right at home.


A website designed to easily guide people from the home page to the contact page with streamlined messaging and a clear call to action.


A mobile-friendly design so this website looks great and works seamlessly on all devices including computers, tablets, and phones.


A well-organized website with a sitemap submission to Google and Google Analytics turned on to track and grow traffic from day one.

A middle-aged man wearing a tweed jacket and tie, with short hair and a mustache, poses for a professional portrait at The Hollis Law Firm.

“From start to finish, Daor Design did an amazing job redesigning my law firm’s logo and website. I could not possibly be happier with the new site’s aesthetics. Moreover, throughout the content editing process, they were prompt and thorough in implementing the changes that I requested. Thanks to all of the time and hard work that Daor Design put into developing my firm’s new website, visitors who are interested in retaining my services are more likely to have a very positive first impression of my firm! Thanks, Daor!”


Founder, Hollis Law Firm

Graphic Design Projects